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EQT By Design works in both the community engagement and organizational development space. 

Community Engagement 

EQT By Design understands community, political, and economic change happens through mutually beneficial relationships. It happens when community members help inform and shape the world that impacts them. Extraction, transactions, and one-way engagement do not aid communities.


Our goal at EQT By Design is to partner with you to uplift the unheard and build community bridges.

Community Engagment
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Fitchburg Teen Center

EQT By Design is currently working with the City of Fitchburg and a group of teen interns who are leading the way to develop designs for a Fitchburg Teen Center! 


This project highlights what makes EQT By Design different. We’re not engaging adults to inform teens of what teens want. Instead, we recruited teen interns to engage their peers and the wider Fitchburg community on what they want in a teen center. This aligns with our philosophy of centering your voice and incorporating what YOU envision into community-based projects and change.

The Triangle Redevelopment

The City of Madison hired EQT By Design to engage residents living in the Triangle on what they envision for this redevelopment. The Triangle is a community of people who live in a historic affordable housing neighborhood in Madison’s South West side near West Washington and Park Street.

We are in the pre-design phase of this new engagement project. We have already begun meeting with a few Triangle Area residents to learn about their lived experiences and their excitement for the redevelopment project. The Engagement Team at EQT is thrilled to get started on engaging additional residents and the greater community. More to come!

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Let's Talk Streets

In 2021, EQT By Design helped launch “Let’s Talk Streets” with the City of Madison. This engagement sought input from communities across the city on their definition of and hopes for people-centered street design. This effort will inform future street projects, and community engagement was important to ensure equity continues to be embedded throughout.


We are entering phase 2 of this project.

John Nolen Drive Reconstruction

KL Engineering, a partner in this project, is currently working on design concepts based on the first round of community engagement for John Nolen Drive Redevelopment. We can't wait to share these design concepts with the greater Madison community. 


In the meantime, EQT By Design will be engaging with small focus groups. 


Please email to be part of the focus groups.

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Organizational Development

Through virtual and in-person design and facilitation strategies, our equity-centered organizational development work includes co-created internal environmental scan assessments, external stakeholder engagement, change management strategy and implementation support, leadership coaching, strategic planning, ERG support and development, team-building and professional development workshops, and strategy roadmaps. 

EQT By Design aims to inform, engage, disrupt, and facilitate organizational policy and systems change centered around equity, justice, and the unique voicing of both internal and external stakeholders.

Organizational Development
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