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Triangle Redevelopment Project

The City of Madison hired EQT By Design to engage residents living in the Triangle on what they envision for this redevelopment. The Triangle is a community of people who live in a historic affordable housing neighborhood in Madison’s South West side near West Washington and Park Street.

We are in our debriefing stages of community engagement, seeing what worked, what didn’t, and what could use improvement, all while working to close the community engagement feedback loop to let people know their voices are being heard within the project. We also held a community Picnic with them to great success. More to come!

Project Impacts


Community Surveys

There were two pre-design surveys, one of Triangle residents, and the other a “community-wide” targeting wider South Side Madison residents. Then, one full engagement survey was unique in how we engaged the community in getting respondents. 

  • 102 Triangle residents in pre-design

  • 87 “Community” residents in pre-design

  • 224 Triangle residents for full engagement


Focus Groups

Focus groups were centered around bringing in small groups of residents to engage in the post-design/full-engagement survey.


Results from sessions

The results of the engagement developed a decision-making model informed by views and perspectives that are inclusive and representative of CDA Residents and the surrounding community and stakeholders for the planned redevelopment. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 4.21.32 PM.png

Unique aspects of the Triangle Project

EQT By Design, conducted engagement sessions that were “Building by Building” to ensure that residents from each building could engage and speak to specific needs for where they live, along with the use of Ambassadors who aided in obtaining information and insight for the surveys and focus group sessions. New Year Investments offered “lemonade sessions” with the Taking Shape Team, where residents could drop by to learn more about the project. 

This project was made possible by deep and continuous engagement by the EQT team— residents don’t trust outsiders, and many have reading difficulties as well. In order to gain their trust, EQT team members had to show up at many community events and spend time there, focusing on getting to know residents and helping residents take the survey itself. We also built relationships with key residents who became “ambassadors,” and they helped distribute the survey and aided residents in taking it. These ambassadors helped our team establish community connections to succeed in this project

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